Clyde Tops Again

Congratulations to the staff and retailers at Clyde Shopping Centre on receiving the first award to a shopping centre of the Scottish Business Resilience centre’s award for excellence in shopping centre management.

From Matt Ronan of the Scottish Business Resilience Centre Ltd

It is very much appreciated by us the amount of work you and all your staff put in to achieve the award over the last eighteen months. Throughout the process we found the dedication of all staff and management to be of the highest order, despite the fact we were constantly bombarding them with question after question regarding their roles.

In achieving the award you have shown to an independent assessor how well prepared the centre is in dealing with Terrorism issues, fire, flood, incident management, customer service, environmental issues, community engagement, security both personal and physical, car parking, taxi marshalling, innovation, cyber/e-crime, fire prevention, water safety, licensing, age restricted goods, etc.

The high standard of accreditation obtained by the centre is one which you should all be proud of as is the working relationship between management/ staff and the retailers within the centre. It was evident to the assessors that this relationship was one of the key factors to your success.”