Ashdown Phillips has a strong ethic for personal development and takes pride in supporting and encouraging individuals to reach their full potential. We have a staff team of approximately 50 with half based at head office and the remainder located at the sites we manage. Here is a selection of our people who have made considerable progression within the company and some of their mentors.

Ashdown-Phillips- Richard Phillips

Richard Phillips - Managing Director

Richard is a co-founder of the Company

Ashdown-Phillips-Kate Phillips

Kate Phillips - Company Secretary - Director

Kate is a co-founder of the Company and is the Company Secretary.

Ashdown-Phillips-Jane Coldbreath

Jane Coldbreath - Director

Jane joined Ashdown Phillips in October 2006 as a Senior Surveyor...

Ashdown-Phillips-Nancy Onyewuenyi

Nancy Onyewuenyi - Head of Client Accounting - Director

Nancy joined Ashdown Phillips in 2010 as Head of Client Accounting and has 25 years' experience in property management accounting. 

Ashdown-Phillips-Andrew Wraight

Andrew Wraight - Head of Facilities Management - Director

Andrew joined Ashdown Phillips & Partners in 2011 as Centre Manager of the Idlewells Shopping Centre, a 150,000 sq ft scheme in Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire.

Ashdown-Phillips-Chloe ODonnell

Chloe O'Donnell - Centre Manager

Chloe started at Idlewells Shopping Centre in December 2011 as a part time Facilities Administrator after having a 9 month break after the birth of her daughter... 

Ashdown-Phillips-Hanah Christie

Hannah Christie, Client Accountant

Hannah started her accounting career with Ashdown Phillips in 2008.