Ashdown Phillips & Partners provide bespoke property management services for each of our clients

We manage a wide range of properties, from prime retail locations in the West End to out-of-town business centres, office buildings and industrial premises.

We advise on all areas of commercial property management, working closely with our clients to add value to their investments and run them smoothly and efficiently.

Among the services that we offer are:

  • Surveying and management of commercial and non-commercial properties;
  • Service charge management, including advisory service for clients;
  • Agreeing, monitoring and managing budgets to ensure costs are achieved to target;
  • Management of leases and working with clients and their wider legal teams and consultants to create precedent documents;
  • Regular property inspections;
  • Health & Safety Management;
  • Client reports, including comprehensive financial reporting;
  • Client accounting services, including credit control and accounts payable facilities;
  • Liaising with tenants to create a positive environment and working with them to extend leases/licences, thereby optimising the income stream to clients;
  • Reviewing properties and suggesting and / or implementing positive changes to improve and increase the value of an asset;
  • Providing advice to clients regarding the effective management of their properties, and particularly matters relating to landlord and tenant issues;
  • Providing the interpretation and corresponding enforcement of lease provisions including service charges, repairing obligations and user clauses;
  • Reviewing, interpreting and advising on tenant applications;
  • Environmental Management of schemes and portfolios to minimise carbon footprint.